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Supporting Documents

This page contains documents our volunteers will need to begin partnering with us in jail ministry, or to remain in good standing with security clearance and continued training. 

Adult Jail Chaplains (AJC)
- Request for Security Clearance
- AJC Report Form
- Volunteer Chaplain Application

Worship Team Ministry (WTM)
- Request for Security Clearance
- Worship Team Policy Agreement 
- TJM/HCSO Waiver Agreement
- Worship Team Report Form
- PowerPoint Training (2017)
PowerPoint Training (2018)

- PowerPoint Sign-In (to be submitted by Team Leader)

Clergy Contact Visiting (CCV)
- Request for Security Clearance
- CCV Application 
- CCV Covenant/Agreement

- CCV Training Outline
- CCV Training Evaluation Form

AJC and Worship Team Leader Training
- April 7, 2018 Meeting PowerPoint

If you need help with any of these documents, or if you find any errors/incorrect information, please contact us at (513) 794-9999 or by emailing us at contact@tjmi.org.